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Plan to Exhibit at Auntie Litter's 22nd Annual Earth Day Celebration for Kids!
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Team Up
Friday, April 19, 2013
Birmingham Zoo

  • Share your knowledge to protect the environment with 1500 registered children and the media.
  • Set-up at 8:30a.m., exhibit time 9:00- 11:00a.m.
  • You may bring a tent.
  • Tables and chairs will be provided.
  • Throughout the day, groups will come to view your display. Create a simple, but meaningful,  5-minute presentation. Be flexible for various age groups.
  • Make sure your organization's name is highly visible.
  • To prevent litter please give all promotional items to the teachers or to those children carrying a tote bag.

    Please complete the Registration Form below by April 8, 2013. We appreciated your participation.
    Earth Day T-Shirts will be available that day for $7 each!

    For more information call (205) 879-3009.
Earth Day 2013 Exhibitor Form

Yes! You can count on us! Our Organization will be proud to have an exhibit
for Auntie Litter's 22nd Annual Earth Day Parade and Celebration.


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